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Funds raised by the Foundation support 3 main initiatives

Resident Support Fund

Supporting individual resident needs.

Staff Support Fund

Enhancing Vantage Point community facilities and programs, including the health center

Community Support Fund

Supporting staff development and emergency needs.

The Foundation at Work

Since its formation, the Columbia Vantage Point Foundation has supported numerous initiatives including:

  • Heartfelt Connections®: Memory care, community certification and staff training
  • Community Wi-Fi Upgrade
  • Live Where You Work Program
  • Joy of Art Resident Art Show

Funded the purchase of:

  • Memory Table for Monterey Place
  • Fitness and rehab equipment: Therapy stairs, elliptical, massage
  • A bladder scanner for residents use onsite
  • 3 flat screen TV’s for the pub and lounge
  • Weekly floral arrangements

In 2024, the Columbia Vantage Point Foundation made a grant of $100,000 to fund the Master Plan for the renovation of Cedar and Aspen Place